Adult Guitar Classes

As an adult, learning to play guitar should be fun, not another task on your to-do list. Finding the right method is the trick. We've found it and you'll love it!

Program: Tunning guitar by using 'clip on' tuner. Learning how to appropriately and under the right angle, place the fingers of your left hand on the fretboard. Playing Chords in the first three fret position. Naming them properly and in deteil. Learning how to strumm chords in time. Changing chords in a proper time signature and tempo. Learning basic 3-4 chords songs. Basic picking patherns. Playing with or without the pick, applying different techique. Strumming patherns. Learning how to understand "chord chart" and write appropriate chord sheet for the song.




What you'll learn: Read music notation, Play solo melody lines in first position, Basic music theory, Chord Technique, Accompaniment to simple tunes Play duets.

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RCM Classical Guitar: Repertoire and Etudes

The nine books in this one-of-a-kind series include carefully chosen repertoire and etudes that introduce students to both classic favorites and new, exploratory pieces.

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Jazz on nylon string, Bossa nova

it’s important to realize that bossa nova and jazz are very similar: the harmony, song compositions, and improvisational techniques can be carried over from one to the other.

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