jazz piano lessons

  • TEACHER: Mr. Dragan Petrovic has a solid reputation as a sophisticated and highly respected Toronto jazz pianist/producer. His broad repertoire of styles reflects both European and North American influences; he has an impressive emotional range that will captivate the ears of jazz and fusion music lovers of all tastes. His compositions are truly elegant and inspiring. Every new recording continues to keep listeners in anticipation of his next musical adventure.


    • Harmony & Theory
    • Ear Training
    • Rhythm Training
    • Applied Rhythm Training
    • Sight Reading
    • Improvisation
    • Music Technology Lab
    • Songwriting & Arranging
    • Modern Music Listening & Analysis
    • Writing Charts and Lead Sheets
    • Elementary Piano for Songwriting & Composition


    Dragan Petrovic jazz pianist and producerr Official website

Jazz Piano MasterClass - Preview 2 - How to improvise? What is improvising? How to use interesting voices and changes. What is a "Coltrane changes" and how to use them in our playing and many more. Sign up for basic jazz classes or advance based on your skills.