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Your teacher is Dragan Petrovic jazz pianist and published recording artist.

"Music is my language, my form of communicating. Pre-enrollment for my MasterClass is now open. I’ll show you that bold ideas can come from anyone and all you need is a guitar or piano to make music"

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- Jazz After Dark 2000

- Cafe Nervosa 2004

- The Vibe - New York Jazz 2011

Dragan composed and arranged music for theater's and Radio and TV stations. 2001 He graduated from Berklee College in Boston. He presently works as a producer and jazz pianist.

MasterClasses are available in: Jazz Piano, Music arranging.

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A pedal point is a great composing tool for creating tension. I was using Cm as my tonal centre. All harmonies that I've created using C bass note, making more - less dissonant chord quality. This harmony battle creates tension, particularly when used in a minor key. PEDAL POINT definition: A pedal point is a sustained note during which the harmony above it changes in some way so that the overall sound becomes dissonant. Pedal point is wanting to pull the harmony back to the root whilst the changing chords above it are pulling the harmony elsewhere.

City Lights - Street Vibes - Dragan P

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