STARTER PACK - ADULTS ONLY piano or guitar classes

Quality 1/2h lessons with experienced instructors. Please choose between 5 or 10 weeks.

  • AFTER SENDING PAYMENT PLEASE CALL THE SCHOOL (416/840-0723) TO CONFIRM YOUR LESSONS TIME, AS WELL AS DATE YOU WANT TO START YOUR FIRST LESSON. Feel free to call prior to payment to confirm schedule availability.
  • 5 Week program is design for you to experience the basics of guitar/piano program before you register for monthly payments program. Goal is to feel comfortable around your teacher, and to make sure this is the right program for you. Use this time to evaluate the program and teaching approach, as well as overall vibe of the school.
    Ready to try something new.? You always want it to play an instrument.! Now it's time. No more excuses.
  • This is a perfect program for you. Give us a try, for 5 or 10 weeks in one on one private classes.
  • *Adult guitar lessons are very popular just now, we teach a very high number of people who want to play guitar but have never even held an instrument before. Most people are nervous that they won't be able to learn as they have left it too late, they get a nice surprise when they go home playing a handful of songs after their first lesson.

  • Lesson Policies*
  • Due to the short nature of 5 or 10 weeks session, we do not offer any cancellations, make up lessons or credits for missed lessons.