• Teachers focus on breaking down the technique of how to play piano into manageable steps while always building toward the end goal of playing your favorite song! Their years of education, performance and teaching experience will translate into shared tricks and tools to help make playing easier, faster and rewarding! Those already playing in bands can get support specific to their own performance setting and repertoire.
  •  If you are a beginner, you will first learn the fundamentals of piano technique including correct hand position and posture, as well as basic music reading skills. As you progress to playing songs hands together, you will also develop your counting skills as you play a variety of musical styles during your piano lessons. Once the basics have been covered, students may focus on playing classical or popular music, or a combination of both. The playing of scales and chords is also introduced. Students may also prepare for music examinations. Intermediate and advanced students may further develop their technical and reading skills as they learn how to interpret a variety of music from the piano repertoire. Students may learn how to play jazz and related skills such as how to read chord symbols, chord voicing techniques and soloing.
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